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Every event has many components to it and the protocol for how an event operates can change based on the venue and the style of the event. Below are some frequently asked questions from both booked & prospective clients. For many of you, this is your first time planning an event - wedding especially. So know that there are no uncommon or unaskable questions!

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Do you have a required exclusive caterer that I must use?

Yes. All catering services (food, equipment, linen and bartending services) must be contracted through Metro Cuisine. We require everyone considering The Beverly to get a quote of what those costs would look like, prior to booking - to ensure that they too are in your budget plans. They are prepared to assist with an array of budgets and event plans. 

How does the bar service work?

At The Beverly Mansion, you are permitted to provide your own alcohol for your guests - which is a substantial savings to your overall costs. This alcohol must be provided by you, the event organizer, and not your guests. The alcohol will then be served by only the caterer, to your guests. The bartenders must be contracted through the caterer, Metro Cuisine. 

How experienced is the caterer? Am I in good hands?

Metro Cuisine is an award winning caterer and has been in business in Central Ohio for


nearly 25 years. Metro Cuisine & The Beverly Mansion share the same owner,


resulting in a smooth and seamless experience. They employ the top event planners in the 

state - all of whom are ready to see through the vision of your dream event!

What's the protocol for tipping?

While there is no requirement for tipping your service staff, it is very appreciated by the


team when a client recognizes their hours of hard work to ensure you and your guests have


the perfect, stress-free event. The industry standard is typically 15-20% of your food bill -


split amongst the number of staff members working the event. 

Rehearsals & Ceremony

How do ceremony rehearsals work? 

The wedding industry is continuing to grow and due to demand, many Fridays and Sundays are now being booked more than ever before. Therefore, access to the Beverly for wedding rehearsals the evening before your wedding day is not guaranteed. While every effort will be made to accommodate such a request, other events or reservations of the space may supersede. If the facility is free for a rehearsal on the day you want to have one, arrangements must be made with the Beverly Mansion team - before you are allowed to have a rehearsal. Rehearsals are limited to one hour of practice time, and any time past this amount will be charged $50.00 for every extra ½ hour. If more than one hour of rehearsal time can be accommodated, we will do so - but no more than 2 hours at maximum. As a precaution, we recommend planning for the Beverly to not be available - that way you won’t be scrambling to “figure things out” last minute.

Most common is to have an “Off Site” wedding rehearsal. Off-site rehearsals work well because a rehearsal consists of only three basic components:

1.  Figuring out the processional/recessional order with anyone involved in the ceremony (officiant, significant family members (parents, grandparents etc.), wedding party, couple being wed). 

2.  Talking through the actual ceremony with the officiant and practicing any “moving” parts (special speakers, singers etc.)

3.  Figuring out exactly where everyone will stand and determining their “spot”. This should allow for any easy transition of mimicking the plans on the day of your wedding at your chosen ceremony spot. 

Having a wedding coordinator, or ‘person in charge’ can easily help ensure the ceremony goes off without a hitch, and those involved are where they need to be.

Need Assistance Running Your Rehearsal? Click HERE for a guide!

Who sets up my ceremony?

Our team at The Beverly, and Metro Cuisine, will ensure that your ceremony chairs are set


up and torn down for you. Prior to the day of, we will discuss where on the grounds you're


hoping to have the ceremony - as well as how you'd like the chairs set up. 

Do you provide any ceremony décor

The only inclusions from your rental of the venue, for your ceremony, are the chairs and


the space. Any additional ceremony décor is to be provided by you. We have plenty of


photos that we can share for inspiration - and can help coordinate with you the delivery of


ceremony arches. Significant set up needs would need to be done by our catering team -


coordinating and approval needed at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding day. 


Should I have a seating diagram for my guests?

We always recommend a seating chart with numbered tables.  Without one, you may need anywhere from 5% to 10% additional seating  (which means more place settings, linens, etc). This ensures your guests are not playing “musical chairs” or couples are left sitting apart because there are no more seats together. 

What is the procedure for finishing our reception & cleaning up?

Your allotted rental time of The Beverly is inclusive of the time for both setting up and tearing things down. Therefore, you should plan for guests to depart at least an hour before your end time of the rental. The Beverly staff & Metro Cuisine will assist in cleaning up, tearing down and getting things loaded back up. However, we require that you have point persons coordinated to assist in this process and ensure your items are loaded back into cars for departure. Any time that you or your guests remain on-site, beyond your contracted rental, will result in the appropriate additional charges/fees. 

Event & Guest 

Do you have recommended hotels, rehearsal dinner locations and group transportation?

Absolutely. We are very familiar with the surrounding towns and can point you in the right


direction for these items. Simply contact us and we will send over some suggestions to get


you started!

How is the parking situation?

Parking is included in your rental of the space and on the property grounds. The parking


available can typically accommodate most of the event group sizes, but if it doesn't we have


some on-site solutions to help. Please remember that our location does not have access to


services like UBER & Lyft. We recommend coordinating a shuttle solution, for your guests


that will be drinking, for their convenience & safety. 

Do you have recommended vendors that we should consider for other needs involved in our event? (Photographer, DJ, Cake etc.)

Yes - and we highly encourage you to check with us on ideas first. A key to ensuring your


day goes off without a hitch, is surrounding it with individuals & businesses who are familiar


with the space and have been working in the industry for a long time. The Beverly is a very


unique space, which can be different for a vendor's routine - if they've never


experienced it before.

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